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Juno’s Portrait Story

I'd like you to meet Juno, a wonderful, exuberant Husky with a BIG personality. Can you tell?


As often is the case, I was talking with a co-worker about our pets, sharing stories and photos. She began telling me about Juno, then pulled up photos on her phone. I fell in love with that sweet face.


That's when the idea for a pet portrait emerged, and what a wonderful, delightful project it became. 

In the beginning...


Looking over reference photos I was immediately stuck by the sheer joy Juno radiated. I wanted to capture all that joy, his lust for life, and the power to bring unbound laughter and love to all. After careful consideration I chose one pose to highlight Juno. 


Getting there...


The more I got into this project the more connected I became to this wonderful animal. My enthusiasm swelled, seeming to flow from Juno's spirit. My hand flew over the paper blocking in shapes, and color. Work progressed; time seemed to stand still. I didn't want this wonderful project to end. But, as I stepped back to view the work, I knew it was time for the next stage of the portrait. 


Finishing touches...


The last stage of a portrait is often bittersweet. This is where the subject and portrait really come alive: adding a tuft of fur here, a whisker there and finally that glint in the eye. But it also means that I must part with the project and the portrait. Sweet memories will always remain of a life so richly lived and lovingly rewarded. 

If you too would like to honor the life and love of your pet in a perfect pet portrait, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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