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Why Get a Pet Portrait?

Six great reason to consider on for the holidays.

There are many reasons to capture your pets in beautiful, professional hand-drawn portraits. Here are six reasons my clients mentioned when ordering their custom pet portraits.

1. They’re family, not just pets, they need to be in the picture too!

The creatures and critters we share our homes with (whether fur, feather, fin, or scale) are no less part of our family than any other household member. They share our lives, habits, moods and more. They make us laugh, cry, and frown; more, they provide immeasurable love and support asking little in return. They’re family.

Pets are family members, and like any other member of the family, it’s important to commemorate their life with a portrait. Just like portraits of grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and the kids shouldn’t we include our pets in their own portraits to display next to other family members?

2. They’re memories, a way to recall the personality, charm and love you and your pets share.

Our lives are often shaped and defined by our memories. Portraits help us capture and recall all the wonderful sights, sounds and emotions that make up our memories.

A pet portrait is a unique way to capture, recall and share all the moments and memories you’ve had with your pet. Moreover, a custom pet portrait can truly capture your pet’s individual personality and spirit as you remember them. A professional, hand-drawn color portrait can highlight your pet as only a work of art can do, giving you a true reflection of who your pet is. Lastly, a portrait will keep those memories alive for years to come.

3. They’re a showcase of the generations of pets that have lived touched lives so sweetly.

Pet portraits allow you to look across generations, marking the passage of life and time. Most families have individual, family or group portraits taken every generation. These portraits serve to highlight the many generations that have lived and loved in the household. Why not include your pets in this wonderful tradition? Their portraits can be passed on and treasured from generation to generation as well.

4. They’re a great gift for anyone, anywhere, anytime for most any occasion.

One of the best things about a pet portrait is they are utterly unique, personal and thoughtful gifts. Whether it’s for a spouse, mother, father, family member, friend, or business associate they make excellent gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, memorials or “just because.” And the best part is, they will never see it coming. What a welcome surprise.

5. They’re a connection to home away from home.

I was surprised but touched by this one. As children matured and leave the nest for college and careers it wasn’t long before requests came back for a connection to home. What better connection to home than a beloved pet, and what better way to connect than through a personal pet portrait.

6. They’re wonderful “ice breakers, door openers and story-starters”.

People often display photos, art, memorabilia around the house to represent stories or milestones they want to share. Pet portraits are no different from these. They are enjoyable conversation starters for the wonderful stories you must share.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reason for purchasing, pet portraits are an excellent way to honor your pets and create lasting memories of their lives with you. Pet portraits can prove to be an sweet and heartfelt gift for any occasion.

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