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  • James Meleney

What’s It All About?

Soft-Style Pet Portraits

Some say it’s about style, others about technique. They’re probably right, from a certain point of view. But I like to think it’s about memories and emotion. The gentle images and tender feelings that reside in our hearts and minds.

Today there are various pet portrait styles each with their own unique characteristics, from hyper realistic to boldly impressionistic.

Realistic portraits, most of what you see today, aim to capture the pet’s likeness in a way that is almost indistinguishable from seeing it in real life.

An impressionistic style aims to capture the pet’s likeness through loose strokes, vibrant colors, light and atmosphere.

The soft style portraits I craft fall between these extremes and aim to capture the essence of a pet by softening the harsh lines of reality to produce a dreamy yet lifelike image, much the same as our memories and emotions – soft, simple and subtle.

Pastel portrait of two rescue greyhounds
Pia and Diva

Please feel free to view more of my custom pet portraits, discover more about my style, read my story and learn about my service to animals as part of my Forever Homes initiative. Click here or

Woman hugging her new dog.
Finding Forever Homes

Please tell me what you think, share your thoughts and ideas. As with any new venture there is always room for improvement. I welcome constructive thoughts and comments from you. You can email me at or get in touch through the contact page on the website.

James with German Shepard work on the easel.
Artist James Meleney

I also invite you to travel along this journey of discovery and growth with me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Hope to see you there.

Best Regards, James.

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